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Zoom Filter

If you are ever actually turned into a cat by some mysterious force your coworkers may not believe you. Try out this new block with a visibility state to choose your own face filter. Download Scale Figure

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Inauguration Day 2021

No matter where you find yourself on the political spectrum, one thing stands (or sits) true: Bernie Sanders ended up being the center of attention. He can also now spruce up your CAD drawings! We salute you Mr. Sanders. And we hope you have a sense of humor. Download Scale Figure

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Oh What Fun!

Obviously we've been too busy emptying out the... work queue... to add a new scale figure. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone! May your hearts be full! Download Scale Figure

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Trick or (mostly) Treat

Throw this dynamic block skeleton guy into your spookiest elevation for a scare. But then again, some of those AV designs can be a little scary in themselves, too, like this one with a portable projection screen and a projector lift. Mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.... Note: this one can be molded […]

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Beyond words... R.I.P. Eddie. Download Scale Figure

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Pause to Celebrate

Nothing wrong with pausing to celebrate from time to time - reflect on your achievements and be proud of what you have accomplished - or doing a Shoryuken. Download Scale Figure

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For Our Heroes

This one is dedicated to all those putting their own health on the line to help those in need. Thanks to all of those essential workers out there from us here at Caddrillion. Download Scale Figure

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Best Droids

Two scale figures for download in one week... consider yourselves lucky! Download Scale Figure

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It's not wise to upset a Wookiee

Choose you this scale figure for your next drawing you must. Send us a screen shot of you using this scale figure in your next drawing or just follow us on Linkedin for updates on future releases. Download Scale Figure

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Videoconferencing Attire

Ever slept in before that morning meeting with the team? At least you can now skip showering and half of dressing in order to make it to work on time. Download Scale Figure Be sure to check out our new Rendering Services pages!

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Top Shelf

Inspired by the beloved squatter from the North Pole. Sneakily hide the standard height version in your drawing or try the creepy adult-sized elf-man. Download Scale Figure

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We Triple Dog Dare You

To use this block. Tell your friends and have a Merry Christmas! Download Scale Figure

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Green Lecturer

Be sure to try out the visibility states and other dynamic properties of this week's scale figure. Download Scale Figure

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Honest ABE

Today in History August 21, the first of a series of debates begins between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas. Douglas goes on to win the Senate seat in November, but Lincoln gains national visibility for the first time.​ Caddrillion may not be the biggest, most notorious AV drafting firm, but we're OK with being the […]

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ASA Compliant

Here's an american-made scale figure, Cad-man America, to make a heroic appearance in your CAD drawings. Make sure those cameras and other low hanging devices are above 80"! Download Scale Figure

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What's for lunch?

Great for measuring the heights of tables at an ideal height to prevent the theft of company provided bagels and pilfering of corporate boxed lunches. Download Scale Figure

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April Showers

Today's weather at the Bel Air HQ has inspired today's Scale Figure of the Week. Use this figure for making sure an umbrella has clearance below low hanging displays or can pass through doorways. (As long as you are not superstitious!) Download link below. Enjoy! Download Scale Figure

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The Moonwalker

Need to know if your office space can support 80's dance maneuvers? Look no further than this weeks Scale Figure of the Week! See example of use below. Click the "Download File" to try for yourself. Have fun! Download Scale Figure

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