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About Caddrillion

As an Engineering Manager at a large AV installation company, Justin Gregory noticed it was difficult to find specialized engineers in the AV industry and recruiting can take a long time to get exactly what is needed. That is when he created Caddrillion to fulfill a gap in the marketplace. Since then the company has grown due to the demand for high quality engineering and drafting services. The team is now made up of individuals with decades of expertise in engineering, drafting and consulting.

At Caddrillion we strive to provide the best customer service with the client’s best interest in mind. We look at our clients as a relationship, not just a business opportunity. Our relationships are precisely the reason we do what we do and why we put 100% into doing it well. After all, we greatly value the importance of relationships not only in our families but in our inner circle of the Caddrillion team.

Meet Our Team Leads



Husband and Father of 3 kids under the age of 10. Enjoys playing video games such as family Minecraft and will give in to playing Barbies once in a while. Finishes scraps of food left on dinner plates (secretly enjoying it) but more so not to be wasteful. Has turned a few white articles of clothing blue or pink but mostly painstakingly careful about everything else. Usually outlasts his computer in avoiding sleep when working late nights.


Chief Engineer

Husband and Father of 2 children. For Louis, the extent of his house cleaning effort goes toward rearranging all of the electronics in the never-ending quest for the perfect AV setup. Has a set of written instructions together for how to do his hair for whenever his regular barber goes on vacation. Once went to his children’s school in a onesie on pajama day because they were nervous they would be the only ones dressed up. Enjoys watching golf on TV, but insists that Baseball is a boring sport. Hosts a chili cook-off at his house once a year, and you’re all invited.


AV Drafting Manager

Husband and Father of 3 children. Kevan is an avid beach goer and a huge music fanatic. You will frequently find him playing sand darts and musical towels with the family. There are many evenings spent trying to remember all the cool lines from the “Monsters High” episodes in order to stay hip and cool with the kids. When allowed the opportunity, you will find him checking out cool toys at local autocross events.
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